Awards Buzz Movies for 2019-2020

With film festival season all wrapped up, we have heard a lot of buzz for a lot of movies. Some were expected, some were a pleasant surprise, and some were…. well, a total flop.

It can be hard to keep track of what movies to watch, when you can actually watch them and how you can watch them. Most people may not have enough time to look these things up, but as a film festival follower, I have made a list of the most buzz-worthy movies to come out of film festival season and who are most likely to get awards buzz in the next few months.

Films to Watch for the 2019-2020 Award Show Season:

*In no particular order.

**World Premiere: as in the festival the movie first premiered at.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Release Date: Nov. 22           Distribution: Warner Bros.           World Premiere: TIFF

Ford v. Ferrari

Release Date: Nov. 13         Distribution: 20th Cent. Fox         World Premiere: Telluride

Marriage Story

Release Date: Nov. 6              Distribution: Netflix              World Premiere: Venice

*Available on Netflix on Dec.6


Release Date: Nov. 15           Distribution: A24           World Premiere: Telluride

The Goldfinch

Release Date: Sep. 13           Distribution: Warner Bros.           World Premiere: TIFF


Release Date: Sep. 27      Distribution: LD Entertainment      World Premiere: Telluride


Release Date: Oct. 4           Distribution: Warner Bros.           World Premiere: Venice

The Report

Release Date: Nov. 15           Distribution: Amazon           World Premiere: Sundance

The Two Popes

Release Date: Nov. 27           Distribution: Netflix           World Premiere: Telluride

*Available on Netflix on Dec. 20

Uncut Gems

Release Date: Dec. 13           Distribution: A24           World Premiere: Telluride

A Hidden Life

Release Date: Dec. 13          Distribution: Fox Searchlight          World Premiere: Cannes

The Irishman

Release Date: Nov. 15           Distribution: Netflix           World Premiere: NYFF

* Available on Netflix on Nov. 27

Pain and Glory

Release Date: Oct. 18           Distribution: Sony Pictures           World Premiere: Cannes


Release Date: Dec. 20           Distribution: Lionsgate           World Premiere: –

Little Women

Release Date: Dec. 25           Distribution: Sony Pictures           World Premiere: –

Motherless Brooklyn

Release Date: Nov. 1           Distribution: Warner Bros.           World Premiere: Telluride

Honey Boy

Release Date: Nov. 8           Distribution: Amazon           World Premiere: Sundance


Release Date: Dec. 25           Distribution: Universal           World Premiere: –

Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Release Date: Sep. 18           Distribution: Pyramide           World Premiere: Cannes

Lucy in the Sky

Release Date: Oct. 8           Distribution: Fox Searchlight           World Premiere: TIFF


Release Date: Oct. 18         Distribution: CJ Entertainment        World Premiere: Cannes

The Farewell

Release Date: July 12           Distribution: A24           World Premiere: Sundance

Dolemite is my Name

Release Date: Oct. 25           Distribution: Netflix           World Premiere: TIFF

Just Mercy

Release Date: Dec. 25           Distribution: Warner Bros.           World Premiere: TIFF


Release Date: Sep. 13           Distribution: STX Films           World Premiere: TIFF

Jojo Rabbit

Release Date: Oct. 18           Distribution: Fox Searchlight           World Premiere: TIFF


Release Date: Dec. 27           Distribution: Neon           World Premiere: Sundance


Release Date: Nov. 1           Distribution: Focus Features           World Premiere: TIFF




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